Complete Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuator Repair

Contact the professional for complete Bettis Actuator Repair Service. Any make or model, we will rebuild your actuator and return it usually in less than a week. All actuators are completely disassembled, cleaned, and all parts checked for wear before reassembling. All parts that do not meet specifications will be replaced. Your actuator will come back to you in new condition.

The NKD/Coastal Team has been providing actuators for the field since 1991. Send your non-functional Bettis parts to us, we will recondition, refurbish, and rebuild your actuator back to its original condition.

How the process works?

We will receive an actuator for repair OR start with a surplus actuator for your order. Next, we will tear down, inspect, if necessary, perform root cause analysis if there has been any mechanical failure within the actuator. Once torn down, inspected for tolerances, etc – we will clean all parts, repair any coatings, and test fit any tight tolerance parts.

Assembly Begins

Once assembled these actuators are cycle-tested and pressure-tested to their maximum operating pressure. (Cycle tests and pressure test reports are available upon request).

This same process has proven to be very successful. The actuators we provide are remanufactured units. We stand by our work with a 1-year against-manufacturer defect warranty.

Our ultimate goal when providing remanufactured actuators or the service of remanufacturing a customer’s actuator is to provide quality parts, repair, and great customer service.

NKD/Coastal Industrial is a one-stop AUTOMATION solution. Please check out the other tabs specific to your inquiry above.

Bettis Actuator Repair
Bettis Actuator Repair

Actuator Repair for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electric Actuators. All actuators are totally disassembled, and all parts that will affect its operation will be replaced.

Bettis Actuator Repair
Bettis Actuator Repair