Reconditioned and Newly Manufactured Parts

We manufacture a full line of parts and accessories for Bettis pneumatic and hydraulic-powered actuators. We specialize in repairing highly reliable actuators for any application that requires high cycle times and normal or severe operating environment. Our modern CNC Machining facility is detailed for machining the necessary components needed to produce high-quality and better performance in the actuation industry. Whether your automation system works in the chemical industry, oil refinery, offshore, or small batch facilities our remanufactured actuators are proven to be most reliable.

We take care of used and faulty Bettis actuators, by providing reconditioned or NEW Manufactured parts for your general actuator system. Our state-of-the-art facility will definitely improve the operational efficiency of your Bettis or other actuator systems, allowing you to feel more confident and saved from additional expenditures.

Furthermore, our reconditioned Bettis parts can be retrofitted to meet unique conditions and requirements; we will customize any parts to operate in numerous configurations including double-acting and spring-return scotch-yoke or rack and pinion.

We have uniquely positioned ourselves as an independent entity, engaged in manufacturing, and supplying spare parts for Bettis and other actuator systems. We take pride in providing a complete rebuild facility for every customer at a competitive price. You can buy or sell with confidence knowing that we can provide technical support service and personal sales, those who are always ready to meet your requirements

Our ultimate goal when providing reconditioned or newly manufactured parts is to provide quality parts, rigorous quality control, and customer service.

Any questions please contact our Team at (281) 204-1308 or email

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