The Bettis RP, RPB, RPC Series Replacements Quadrant C-Series Actuators

The Bettis RP/RPB-Series Actuators over the years were made obsolete. Most recently, Emerson/Bettis discontinued RPC-Series Actuators in 1998 about the time Emerson Process Management purchased Bettis and took control. However, Quadrant continued to manufacture the actuator and now has the latest design: Quadrant model C-Series. Quadrant’s C-Series actuators are the latest in design of the pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators and are still a direct replacement for the Bettis RPC Series actuator, which are no longer available.

The Emerson/Bettis RP/RPB/RPC-Series Replacement could never be any easier.

How to Order

Quadrant Series
  • C250
  • C450
  • C1000
  • C2250
  • C3650
  • C5000
  • C11000

Replacing your obsolete Emerson/Bettis actuator with a Quadrant C-Series can be done on a small budget. The Quadrant is a direct replacement, so unlike the new Emerson/Bettis D & E-Series Actuators there is no need to change your mounting hardware, the style of limit switch you are using, or your air supply connections. Simply unbolt your old Bettis RPC-Series Actuator, and bolt in your new Quadrant C-Series Actuator. Hook up your air supply, mount your switch on top and you are back in operation in a fraction of the time with minimal maintenance costs.

The Emerson/Bettis RPC-Series actuators are easy to rebuild so you can extend service life of the small rack and pinion actuators. We keep a large inventory of Seal Kits/Service kits for the Bettis RPC-Series actuators in stock at all times. Plus, you can send us your small actuators and we can remanufacture and send it back usually within 3-4 days. Don’t forget Coastal Industries, LLC along with our service team are always ready to assist you with your actuation needs.

We’re always looking for ways to improve performance and efficiency of your automation projects. Just order your Bettis RPC-Series service kits or Quadrant C-Series Actuators that work with what you already have; just swap it out, and keep running.

Bettis RPC-Series Service Kits