Bettis RPC5000 Seal & Service Kits

We currently have the largest inventory of hydraulic seal kits for Bettis actuators and we usually have both high temperature and standard temperature actuator service kits in stock for RPC5000 series actuators. All RPC5000 series seal kits are assembled with our high standards of quality to make sure you do not have problems getting your actuator back in service.

The NKD/Coastal Industrial team understands the demands of the field and we do not let our customers down. Our Bettis model RPC5000 rebuild and repair kits are NO exception!

Manufacturer Series Type Model Return Type Override Type Temp Trim Fail Position
Bettis RPC Pneumatic RPC5000 DA,SR1,SR2,SR3,SR4,SR5,SR6 M3,M3HW,M11 10,11 CW,CCW

RPC5000 Model Variations

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* We are not OEM but our RPC5000 seal kits are made to industry standards that will meet or exceed the factory expectations.